Wrecking Nikolettas XL ass


Our stunningly hot, new Russian babe ‘Nikoletta Joy’, stars in another obscene anal punch fisting movie, having her ruined rosebud severely destroyed by her lucky boyfriends fists! It’s so arousing seeing this smoking hot brunette enjoying this extreme level of ass destruction, bound to please even the most hardcore anal fisting enthusiasts. The penetration is insanely hard from start to finish and definitely amongst the very best we’ve had the pleasure viewing. See Nikoletta grab both legs and pin them beside her ears, as her boyfriend unleashes an all out fisting massacre in her permanently prolapsed anus. He slaps on a ton of lube, clenches both his fists and alternates punching them completely in and out, causing her ass to drool profusely as she screams in ecstasy. This kind of fisting is extreme by any standards, but Nikoletta is no ordinary lady, and she’s still craving more anal stretching sensations, so her boyfriend slides in a second fist halfway, almost double fisting her hole to the wrists and stretching her open wider than ever, creating a beautifully loose, immense gape and prolapse that must be seen!


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