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**Content Department Note:** Originally published on 12/19/2018, this scene is being republished to let our members know that every [Lakeview Entertainment](/channel/lakeviewentertainment) scene has been remastered to 1080P, and audio syncing issues have been corrected. A 61-minute exercise in gorgeous blonde domination as the photo model beautiful Mistress Autumn shows slave squirrel balls who is the boss. He is in the chair as the leggy blonde has him by the humbler attached to his balls. She spoon-feeds him pussy juice and gives him a dose of CBT and nipple torment before he is used as a tongue slave on both Her succulent holes. He turns boot slave and is then locked in the stocks for a whipping and his monthly milking. He spews on Her boot and She uses Her panties to wipe it up and then gags him with it at the end!


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