Japanese Girls Pissing



It's a battle of the bowl when two girls with bursting bladders have to fight for a spot at a single vacant toilet. At first they negotiate over taking turns, but when ya gotta go! Fortunately the toilet is a long floor trough so they can take spots just in front of each other and feel that relief when they let it flow. The strong stream splashes and hits the camera lens as we watch two pretty maids in a row hike up their skirts and piss to their hearts' content.rnrnThe next pissy pair get even more up close and personal as they squat over the toilet trough, with one sitting almost in the other's lap as they relieve that pressure. The girl on the bottom even reaches up to politely wipe the other with a tissue! The only casualty is one lady's panties and slacks that get soaked in the process, and have to be cast aside as she pulls he sweater closed and walks away pantiless.


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