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the mood gets sexual and everyone starts getting naked


Today is the big day and Savannah Gold is finally getting married. Diana Gold and Laura Lyons are there for the nuptials and with this wild crew it is hard to predict what will happen. Of course the mood gets sexual and everyone starts getting naked. As an orgy begins to breaks out, Savannah climbs up on a stiff cock and lowers her ass down on it while still wearing her garter belt and thigh high stockings.She puts her feet right in the center of his chest so she can better control the action from the bottom. Watch her legpress her man over and over as he forces his way back down between her pussy lips by maximizing his leverage.What a perfectly plump package of melons this gal carries with her wherever she goes! You will not be able to resist the urge to pinch your monitor as they hang there in front of you begging to be squeezed between your strong fingers.


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