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Stretch Your Imagination


Latex Lucy seems to exist in a fantasy universe outside of such mundane concerns like Christmas holidays…although when she takes off her mask in private, she is no doubt just like the rest of us, just another human being. But when clothed in her fabulous and striking latex garb, as she is here today in her new fetish XXX video, Lucy takes us along to her bizarre dark-edged cosmos even though she stands in the bright sunshine in a gorgeous garden. Tugging aside her skintight green and blue body suit, she reveals her enormous tits and then her shaved pussy and taut asshole. What do you think Lucy wants you to do for her? Does she want you to kneel and service her twat? Or maybe she wants you to kiss her black platform shoes? Heaven and hell are not the limits when you’re in the presence of Latex Lucy…the only limit is your imagination!


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