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Spit-Roasted Between Wife and a Stranger


Rich Husband lives in Wife’s Chastity and Wife’s panties because it’s Wife’s Cock. Rich husbands should be used to suck cock. She picks up boy-toys from the back alley to fuck and have hubby suck. After she fucks them, she brings them home for hubby. She makes him get both the cock and the balls in his mouth at the same time. The only way hubby gets to taste wife’s pussy juices is off the dick of a stranger, while wifey fucks him in the ass. She fucks his ass with a dildo, while the stranger’s cum spews over his face and then he has to clean both cocks with his mouth. “A Cock in your ass and a cock in your mouth. What does that make you, Hubby? Make my new friend cum.” This is intensely degrading husband humiliation.


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