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Sabrina Banks Brutal Pick-Ups Rooftop Ravishing


Who would ever think that a cash machine would be a good place to meet potential submissive sex slaves? Well, in Bruno?s world, anywhere is a good place to meet extreme teen sex sluts to break down with rough sex and humiliate. Sabrina is a verrrrry cute brunette babe with a super nice body, and she is broke, scared and desperate to get home. She begs Bruno for a few dollars to get home, and he tells her he can?t help her. Sabrina keeps begging for help, so Bruno takes her into a nearby office building where she deepthroats his cock in the doorway. After the public sex suck-off, Bruno throws her into an elevator and savagely tears her clothes off and gropes her tits and pussy before brutally fucking her from behind. When the elevator arrives at the roof, Bruno drags Sabrina across the gravel roof and continues her intense and total humiliation tying her hands with rope and taping her mouth shut before fucking her rotten and firing a huge load into her mouth which she obediently swallows. Good whore!


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