Japanese Girls Pissing


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Our well-concealed voyeur cam catches the luscious Asian lovelies who can't wait one second longer before they let out a hot stream of sexy girl piss onto the nearest vacant surface. First a pretty coed makes it to the public bathroom but has to squat over a floor drain and spurt out a steaming spray, Pussy hair drenched with peepee, she blots her naked crack and pulls up her pants. The next sweet lady only makes it to a pebbly patch by a fence to hike her skirt and let her piss fly.nnA suited office girl spreads her feet out and pulls down her black slacks to splash her pee onto a rocky pavement. Then a bevy of beauties in quick succession squat and squirt on sidewalks, brick and tile floors when there's nowhere proper for a girl to shoot out a stream of hot piss. There's never a public toilet handy when you need one in Japan, it seems!


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