Venus Lux

Odette, Shaken and Stirred


Curly-headed trans beauty Odette has a date with a hot male ball of fire, Bo Ryder. As she sucks his thick tool, he urges her to put on lipstick while she's slurping down his meat. She wields the applicator like she's ready to make up the head of Bo's cock. He grabs her stiff trans dick and strokes it, then gets himself a juicy mouthful. Odette's got him so turned on! He rams his meat deep and hard into her hot little love tunnel while she squeals out her approval. Her sexy leopard print boots fly up and apart as she opens her booty for more dick. Loverboy Bo wraps his arms around her pert little titties while he plows in from behind, nuzzling her neck and whispering sweet nothings as he kisses her. But Odette's no frail flower. She takes every hard thrust and meets it with gusto. She beats her trans cock and bounces her ass right back into Bo's every stroke. Sensing Bo is ready to blast, Odette takes a moment to worship his big cock with her juicy tongue. He's right on the edge, and her wet mouth drives him over. Her quick little hand milks it out of him, and his wad spurts out in a hot juicy geyser on her tongue. She spits it into his palm as he rubs his cum into her soft round titties.


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