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Naughty By Nature (4 of 4)


When sissies dance… then Domstrapon & Carmen Rivera set the tone for them. Straightaway, the two spineless sissies are ordered onto the sling and the whipping post. Now with these greedy ass pussies in view, the dominant ladies get down to the nitty-gritty. Mistress Domstrapon makes sure that her shock-waves therapy inside her sissies’ anal grotto stimulates their tiny dick slit. Meanwhile, Lady Carmen’s jiggling balls are tapping her pretty well fucked sissy’s ass. This double fuck literally culminates in ‘very extended’ fisting for these hobby ass whores. Under the guidance of both mistresses, the sissy’s true ass horniness is rigorously put to the test once more. The two fuck objects are anally impaled as well as milked up until the last drop. Just another normal day ending quite relaxed for the mistresses. (4 of 4)


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