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Maria fucks her loose ass with a giant road cone!

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This outrageous scene starring our insatiable Brazilian anal ‘Queen Maria’, is definitely her most bizarre and shocking of all insertions we’ve ever had the pleasure viewing! She loves shoving gigantic things in her cavernous ass and there is literally nothing she wouldn’t fuck! The more enormous and degrading the better! And when Maria sees a giant road cone in a public street she sees another giant object she wants to destroy her ass with. What a perverse and taboo slut she is, to take a filthy road cone and impale her greedy prolapsing ass on it insanely deep. The massive cone stretches her rosebud extremely wide as she squats up and down repeatedly, blasting it way up into her rectum till she reaches an explosive climax, and fulfills another shocking anal insertion fantasy, but she’s just getting started! After she’s finished with the road cone, her boyfriend straps on a XXXL ‘SeaHorse’ dildo from ‘Hankeys Toys’ and continues blasting her butt hole without mercy. The penetration is shockingly deep and hard, punishing Maria like the masochistic anal whore she is, and pummeling her slutty asshole the way she deserves, till she screams in several more body shattering orgasms. The end result is a very happy Maria with a gigantic prolapsing anus, so huge it cannot be missed if your a fan of this No Limits Latina!


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