Frock the World

Live! Jock Locker Room


What’s better than hitting the locker room after a sweaty workout? Gunnar Gates (featured FROCK Vol 4) and The Caged Jock (featured in FROCK Vol 1, 2 and 3 and 4) are two hunky himbos that love helping each other out after a long gym sesh. Get ready for a liveshow full of jockstrap sniffing, butt slapping, muscle massaging, forced squatting, anal pegging, hole stretching and muscle worshiping. JOCK LOCKER ROOM is part of ‘LIVE! A streaming series of live cam shows produced in collaboration Originally shot in real time, the series was live streamed on with 16 performers over the course of 4 weeks. Every scene is unscripted, unedited and totally real.


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