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Kristen Scott Powerfucked Into Massive Twitching Orgasms


Kristen Scott may have an innocent charm, but beneath that sweetness is a dirty slut who loves being manhandled, tied up, smacked around and fucked. Tommy Pistol steps in, and without a word begins smacking Kristen around. He slaps that delicate face, spits in Kristin’s mouth, and uses that hot, fuckable body for every twisted, selfish purpose. He quickly flogs and finger fucks Kristen, adding a vibe along the way, to make them shudder with orgasms, again and again. Kristen screams and cums while tied to a wooden chair, unable to pull away or escape. Next, Kristen’s fully suspended upside down, while Tommy shoves his cock in their wet, drooling mouth. He face fucks Kristen and uses a vibe at the same time, making that pussy cum again and again, as he slams that throat with his punishing cock. Kristen is then put in a partial suspension with hands tied, as Tommy fucks their wet cunt from behind. Finally, Kristen’s put on their back and absolutely slammed, taking all the dick, screaming and cumming the entire time, until their perfect, slutty pussy makes Tommy cum so damn hard he can barely remain standing. By this point, Kristen is fully used and fucked, and left shaking and moaning, covered in cum and sweat.


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