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Jay West vs Kaiia Eve


Jay West is feeling really confident coming into this match now that he has had his first victory against Charlotte Sartre. Jay seems the think he can manhandle petite-tatted-out girls and today he gets to test himself against another petite-tatted-out model. Please welcome Kaiia Eve. She’s a cute Blond babe with a natural feminine body that is accented with beautiful tattoo art. She’s also a sassy brat who will crush your balls if you aren’t fast enough. Jay West finds out very quickly that his dick and balls are going to be in constant jeopardy. Kaiia Eve is merciless with Jay’s Iron Balls. She knees them, punches them, grabs them, twists them. She does extreme CBT that only Jay West could handle. However, even with all that CBT, Jay still keeps his head in the game. This match is close and goes to decision. The Winner fucks the loser’s ass and drains them by making them cum hard. Winner does verbal humiliation and uses the loser for their pleasure to get their own winner orgasm out


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