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Jay West vs Brandi Mae


Jay West is so confident because he got one little win over Charlotte Sartre… a big deal! Today, a beautiful muscle goddess, Brandi Mae is here to take vengeance on this guy who thinks picking on little goth girls is cool. Brandi Mae is “The Boulder” She is a rock-hard MILF with huge muscles, huge tits, and a huge juicy clit that she loves to smother men with. Jay West is the only guy on our roster who allows ball-busting in his matches so far and we take full advantage of his request to have it done. Unfortunately for Jay, Getting racked in the balls is a huge turn-on for Jay. it makes his dick hard and renders his muscles useless as all the blood moves to his dick and out of his muscle. But Jay fairs pretty well today against this muscle goddess. He is able to get on top and pin Brandi a few times and Brandi’s clit is her own enemy. She has orgasm easily when her clit is touched and Jay figures this out and tries to get that instant victory by making her cum. The loser is fucked in the ass as a loser should be. Loser is made to worship muscles and orally please the winner. The loser is lifted and carried off the mats and taken home for the winner’s personal pleasure.


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