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Holly, my RubberToy 2 of 3


Today, there is a gift for Lady Lilith, her Rubber Toy Holly dressed up in a suit and tie for her and turned off for use. Of course, he must be completely rubberized underneath. What pushes him to such an extreme measure to gain the favor of the Mistress is clear, his 2.5 cm smaller XX S Steelworxx Chastity device with inner plug and the weeks he, the toy, locked up full of lust. Whether the Mistress will have mercy on him and his dick is another matter. First of all the ass is plugged, then wired together with the steel from the Chastity device correctly, and then power on !!! It is announced High Voltage. New stimuli are brought into play or better a new Chastity Device, or more precisely a penalty Chastity Device, with ribbed Uthera plug and internal spikes which are common drilling in the meat the more solid one attracts the Allen screws. Thus the Rubbertoy had probably not reckoned when his rubber goddess promised him the “liberation” of his Big Balls. Unfortunately, this Chastity Device and the anal plug are also put together undercurrent and when Lady Lillith is still with a full weight with her rubber ass sitting on the face of the toy, he goes crazy. Holly is from this point only a drooling, lamenting piece of rubber meat. But… to every meanness, there is still an increase and that comes in the form of a vibrator, you consider the harder the dick maybe the deeper the spikes dig into the tender flesh… So let’s Rock…


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