SicFlics Fisting

Helens XXL cunt destruction


The mesmerizing Goddess of Sicflics ‘Queen Helen’, returns in another incredible insertion movie, having her gigantic prolapsing cunt meat slammed insanely hard with the XXXL ‘Goliath’ and ’Latin Lover’ dildos from ‘Hankeys Toys’, strapped to her husbands waist. We know exactly how greedy Helens flaccid hole is and it just seems to grow bigger and beyond what we ever thought humanly possible. Her cavernous mound of cunt flesh is larger than most horse’s vaginas and its often described as the loosest and most beautiful pussy on earth by so many of her fans! Enjoy watching this shocking scene as Helen devours the Goliath toy extremely deep and hard, making her pussy throb, bulge, prolapse and drool profusely with her bodily fluids in several explosive orgasms, but she’s still hungry for more! Her husband then steps in and straps the Latin Lover dildo to his waist and gives her monstrous hole exactly what it deserves, the ultimate cunt blasting penetration, with full depth thrusts of its 13” x 4” shaft straight up into her womb, till she screams and gasps for breath in more incredible body shattering orgasms, that must be seen if your a fan of this enigmatic beauty!


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