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harlow west wetting tight spandex yoga pants leggings


The VERY sexy Harlow West is back & very desperate, wearing tight lycra/spandex yoga leggings that are hugging her every nook of her body, giving her a nice cameltoe. She talks candidly in this fun interview type of video, where we giggle and laugh a LOT! Harlow is having so much fun doing yoga poses. Oops! She pissed a little in her panties; does it show?? Lots of closeups of her crotch. I ask her to do more yoga poses but she starts wetting herself (2 angles) uncontrollably… it s STREAMING OUT loudly splashing on the floor and her calves!! She is completely soaked with pee, literally SO MUCH pee! We have a great time giggling as she shows her piss panties and it s a gigantic pee puddle on the ground. Harlow West really has a great fun loving personality and it really shows here.


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