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Mrs. Dr. Rivera-Hole is world-renowned for using deep-diving procedures and magical golden vaccines that fill her sexless patients – plus their uncontrollable erections and bodies desensitized to erotic touch – with incredible virile potency and sexual sensitivities. Alongside her amazing colleague Mrs. Dr. Bimbo Doll Ivana-Breast, new, explosive, and relaxing sex therapies have been developed! A daring oral vaccination with Mrs. Dr. Rivera-Hole’s fresh golden juices is followed by an anal dilation and probing cock-swab. Then, the alluring Mrs. Dr. Bimbo Doll Ivana-Breast continues with extensive sex science examinations. Then, further explorations via an electronic nipple-needle test are combined with aromatherapy. Now more aroused than ever, the patient receives a progressive, smother-based lung and respiratory function test as well as, yes, yet another – and now more exciting – rectal examination. Successfully brain-fucked by his therapies, the patient is overcome by orgasmic spasms, allowing an extensive sperm sample to be collected. Quick to react, Mrs. Dr. Rivera-Hole uses her famed dildo temperature measurement method to extract YET ANOTHER maximum volume sperm sample for evaluation. These legendary mistresses of asshole anal care finish their incredible therapy treatment as Mrs. Dr. Bimbo Doll Ivana-Breast gives the patient a 24 hr. lasting vaccination into his cock. As well, unable to restrain the power of her golden vaccine, Mrs. Dr. Rivera-Hole makes the patient to permanently a FFP2 mask prescribed to him with her golden shower refinement. What an amazing scientific showcase. Golden vaccines and orgasms for everyone!


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