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Finger Bound


Finger Bound

The true beauty of Japanese rope bondage, aka Shibari or Kinbaku, from the world’s leading Japanese bondage (shibari, kinbaku) expert.

We told you she’d be back and here she is, Dutch Dame. This time we get to fool around with the lovely Dame in a Japanese room. To not fall into standards I decided on a non-traditional Japanese bondage. First we tie the Dame with her arms parallel on her back, helpless… Or, so I thought. Her limber fingers tried to reach for the knots, bad Dame! To make reaching the knots a tad more challenging hose clamp are added to her fingers, take that. That did help but now she tried to get of the bed. What to do? Ballet boots! and, to be sure she’s not going anywhere tie her legs in folded position. For encore I make sure her greedy little fingers will stay away from the knots and tie each individual finger stretched to the max. I heard she still wants more…


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