KinK Unlimited

Bound in Paradise


Latex Pics in Bound in Paradise with Lara Larsen: So now I wait. I have no choice but to wait. I can’t move. I can’t do anything but wait. And…..

The sun is bright and hot and there is a wonderful view over the countryside, bathed in glorious warmth that is both a blessing for a beautiful day but a curse for me restrained here wearing my shiny red rubber catsuit. It fits me tightly and I feel comfortable feeling it’s snug embrace from my neck to my ankles, but it’s hot inside the suit and sweat drips between by breasts and down my back. It focuses my mind on how helpless I am and I feel an intense tingle between my legs.

Lara Larsen got an symbol for the cutest smiling devote girl in the latex fetish scene. She decided sharing her life exclusive on her personal website how she wears fetish fashion and latex in public. Read about her naughty thoughts if people have an eye her her shiny perfect curves.


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