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blue squirt – deluxe edit


This scene has both camera angles (top down view and side view) included, the second plays after the first 😉
Surely you’ve seen our original Blue Pee video?! Well, we decided it was time to revisit it and make it more erotic. In this scene, both Leo and I have prepared ourselves with some blue piss 😉 It starts with me lying on the bed in a lazy morning haze. I’m wearing a white t-shirt and I’m slowly bringing myself to a squirting orgasm. We’ve both been holding it in for so long, it feels amazing to relieve some pressure – that in itself is orgasmic. Leo comes to my side and unloads his blue morning piss all over me and the white t-shirt. It’s so warm and feels so good against my skin. I turn myself to face the camera as Leo puts his talented hands in my pussy to help me get out two more rounds of squirt! ;D



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