Venus Lux

Blonde Goddess of Love Aphrodyte


Aphrodyte is a 420-loving gal who loves dressing up and likes to make herself cum over and over. She knows how to tease the cameras with her hungry butt and tasty trans cock that pokes up straight and hard. When a big drop of precum oozes out and coats her finger she can't help savoring it and licking it like honey.nnThis sexy miss has sensitive nips that crown her perky titties. Even brushing a finger across them has her moaning in ecstasy and reaching down to stroke harder. Now it's time to show off her perfect pucker and long legs, just the kind that wrap around her man the way he loves. A black butt plug is all she has to fill that delectable hole for right now, but she doesn't seem to have any complaint.nnRubbing the soft black toy across her booty she trembles with delight, then eases it in. Pumping in harder and faster, she works up to a hot feverish pace. She sits on it and rides, plunging it to the hilt. The smooth hard pressure is all she can take, and she has to beat off. The cum oozes thick and juicy, and she scrapes up every drop and pops it into her hungry mouth.


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