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Bizarre Petplay (1 of 3)


At Ana von Sax’s cow barn, there are two lazy fattening bulls awaiting the milking of their plump udders.  However, the meat must be beaten beforehand to ensure tenderness. Latex farmer Carmen gives the two blockheads a ton of her golden, delicious champagne so the prospective steaks will be really juicy.  The following veterinary exam will determine whether they are ready for the slaughterhouse.  The two breeders thoroughly comb through the castle’s bowels and amply check their genitals based on function and resilience. The mix of pleasure and pain almost drives the two chosen ones into mad cow disease.  If their hard crotches are allowed a hot and horny release or if they just end up as oxtail soup instead? Only the Mistresses know the answer… Afterward, two mangy mutts are delivered to the Mistress’s big farm. Immediately, the ladies begin incorporating chastity and obedience into these dogs by all means necessary.  The mutts are tied up and kept on a short leash.  Whoever cannot toe the line or barks too loud will be exposed to merciless electrotherapy.  The strays won’t even get around some sperm samples for possible future breeding attempts.  Finally, Lady Carmen kneads, milks and taps the horny hot rod at her feet.  Well done Bello!


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