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Adrian Maya Brutal Pick-Ups Tow Or Blow

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Adrian Maya is a sweet piece of ass with her exotic looks and curvy body. She?s also petite and compact, and seems to have been custom made for a Master Bruno hardcore pounding? and she gets one! Seems her car has been towed and she has no way to get home. She finds Bruno hanging out on a corner and begs him for help. She says she?ll do ANYTHING to get home, and Bruno intends to find out exactly that. He takes her to a nearby building and ties her hands with rope to a chain dangling from the ceiling of a dirty, dimly lit stairwell that looks like something out of a horror movie. He rips her clothes off and gruffly paws and sucks her bald brown beaver before fingerblasting it while also spitting in her mouth. After that, Bruno tapes her mouth shut and rails her doggie style, ratcheting up her total submission and humiliation. A savage deepthroat blowjob and a lengthy rough sex session finishes with a big chunky load and an unforgettable cum swallowing sequence.


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